Underwater — Birnur Kayaalp

The story behind the collection takes place at the pacific ocean. The collection was inspired by artist Michelle Lougee, who displayed the figures of sea creatures she knitted using the waste from the ocean to draw attention to the pollution at the Pacific ocean.

Secret Garden — Sercan Gedikli

One’s private world ‘’mon jardin secret’’ of indulging our own fantasies and thoughts. Cabinet of curiousity known as ‘’wonder rooms’’ were collections of extraordinary object and tell stories about wonders and oddities of the natural world.

Out of Sight — Hazal Argat

The collection has been based on a story that is created by the inspiration of artist David Hockney, architect Luis Baraggan and there is a touch of artist Henri Matisse as one of the greatest inspirations of David Hocney.

Chaos — Begüm Gelişmek

The collection reflects the chaos we experience in life, traffic, crowds and on the streets. At the same time it represents the order within the chaos.

Blind Deepness — Ece Çavuşoğlu

“As you dive deep into the ocean even at daytime it becomes dark and it is impossible to see. So let’s ignore the deeper feelings when we dive deep in emotions.” With this thought as starting point, the pieces of the collection were inspired by the volumes of sharks and whales.

Colored Army — Elif Denef Kaplan

Communism – same for all or not? Russia, an ex communist country, and Cuba, still under the communist rule, similar yet different.

Trapped Body — Kristina Lejcak

Aspiration of being who you are is an attempt in every person. Culture and society has enabled the way we feel we should act, and that surpasses the feeling that set us free.