Connect — Mehtap Kıldacı

Mehtap’s collection was originally inspired by a visit to Tomas Saraceno’s exhibition in New York, “Cosmic Dance.” The artist exhibited spiders within a transparent cube and allowed them to form webs within the space, whilst music was played.

Surface — Svetlana Sharman

Svetlana koleksiyonunda doğadan etkilenmiştir. Su gibi akıcı, ince, hafif kumaşlar (krep, şifon, ipek, organze) ve aynı anda taş gibi sert, hacimi tutan kumaşlar (deri, yün) kullanmıştır.

Destroyed — Pınar Dönertaş

Pınar attempts to reflect the reality of the human spirit within her collection, combining the obligatory complications, contradictions and irony that this encompasses.

Brooklyn — Ekaterina Chetiner

Ekatherina’s collection was influenced by hip-hop music and some of its finest representatives such as Kanye West, The Weeknd and Rihanna.

The Black Bird — Melis Çakmak

A confident project, Melis focuses on the majestic Black Bird. Utilizing five different varieties of bird feather and a range of different fabrics the collection expresses perfection and authenticity.

Trouble — Saba Gezen

Saba attempts to encapsulate trouble, chaos and the unhappiness of the human experience within her works, combining gothic silhouettes with loose hand-stitched geometry in a largely monotone colour palette.

Ink — Mervenaz Becikoğlu

As in many of Mervenaz’s projects, her final collection is inspired by Japanese fiction. Taking inspiration from Takayuki’s ceramics to Sasaki’s crane, from Japanese gardens to the history of origami.

Dancer — Sahar Shamlou

Sahar’s collection explores dance in the sense of the free-spirited flow and movement of the body and mind.