Vakko Fashion Center, Vitali Hakko Creative Industries Library and Vakko Production Center are open to visit for all Vakko ESMOD Fashion Academy students throughout their studies.

Vakko, which considers fashion and art as an inseparable whole since its first day, hosts processes where fashion comes together with art and creative disciplines and adds value to each other in Turkey. Vakko puts its signature under many breakthroughs in the world of art as well as in the world of fashion.

Vitali Hakko Creative Industries Library, which was established for the first time by a fashion brand, was founded in 2011 by Vakko Chairman of the Board, Cem Hakko, in memory of Vitali Hakko, the founder of Vakko, to keep his name alive for generations, with his inspiration for art, books, and education. Setting off from the universal language of art, Vitali Hakko Creative Industries Library opened the doors of Turkey to the world, while opening the doors of the world to Turkey. Vitali Hakko Creative Industries Library, which was established within the award-winning Vakko Nakka┼čtepe Fashion Center with its architecture, moved to Atat├╝rk Cultural Center, which has been established by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, one of the most important structures of Turkey’s culture and art life, in its 10th anniversary.

Vitali Hakko Creative Industries Library, which has been opened to the public as the most up-to-date and comprehensive art library in Turkey, opens new horizons for academicians, university students, artists, art enthusiasts, and tourists visiting Turkey from various countries with constantly updated printed, digital and visual archives including 15,000 books with special editions of the world’s most prestigious publishing houses along with signed copies specific to the library.


Working Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 10.00-17.00

Address: G├╝m├╝┼čsuyu Mahallesi Mete Caddesi No: 2 Beyo─člu/─░stanbul

Please send an e-mail to for a reservation. The library collection can be accessed online at


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