Elif Denef Kaplan

Communism – same for all or not?

Russia, an ex communist country, and Cuba, still under the communist rule, similar yet different. Although Russia is now a federation, still the governing style has communist influence. These two countries may have similarities in terms of politics; when it comes to the way of life and the attitude of people, it’s completely a different story.

While Russians are considered as having a serious demeanor, Cubans are the opposite; they are friendly, outgoing and chatty. When thinking about Russia, military attitude comes to mind. KGB, although on paper, does not conduct operations, it’s believed that the reality is the opposite. If we continue to compare these two countries, even the climate and the size of the land are completely on the opposite side. Russia is the largest country in the world by area, Cuba is just a small island. While the former is cold and cloudy, the latter has a tropical climate. These differences affect the people’s way of life; not just their personalities.

This collection emphasizes the opposite attractions. While the shape is a direct influence of the Russian communism, the colors and easiness represent the Cuban communism. Broad shoulders and strong large collars are the elements of the military style. The fluency of the skirts are the elements of the Cuban style. So the achieved result is the colorful army.