Hazal Argat

The collection has been based on a story that is created by the inspiration of artist David Hockney, architect Luis Baraggan and there is a touch of artist Henri Matisse as one of the greatest inspirations of David Hocney. With the inspiration of the similarities of their souls, their shapes and bright colors the story was created.

Fashion is a great communicator for us all. Its shapes and colors are very important elements for communication, they are like silent words. So the collection was created as a fusion of all of these; colors and unexpected lines. The story is about “what is beyond”. It is about looking harder to see what is really there. Because, just like Hockney said, it’s all about looking harder.

This idea was implemented to the patterns of the garments and created the need of looking harder at them to understand. For example there are pants in the collection that give the impression of a skirt at first sight, there is a jumpsuit for instance that seems like a dress.

Furthermore, geometric structures and movement were used at the same time. Regarding the works and the philosophies of the main inspirations the feeling of “depth” was given on the garments. Slashes on the surfaces were created to emphasize it and a 3D effect was created to provide an unexpected movement on the garment. To blend the geometric forms, depth and movement, a print was created as an interpretation of one of the most important works of Henri Mattise, The Dance.

Personal attachment with clothes was created so that the owner can keep them, use them for long and may last. Fabrics were chosen of good quality wool that are capable to sustain. It’s a mix and match collection that is enriched by accessories. The collection was created by working around the woman’s body, using the women’s pattern but actually the collection is for everyone who feel comfortable wearing them by body and soul. A continuous line was created between all of the pieces.