Sercan Gedikli

One’s private world ‘’mon jardin secret’’ of indulging our own fantasies and thoughts. Cabinet of curiousity known as ‘’wonder rooms’’ were collections of extraordinary object and tell stories about wonders and oddities of the natural world. Butterfies, bugs, skeletons… Odd and intriguing at the same time. Also just like mermaids. Mythical women like mermaids were impressing with their beauty minds over centuries same as they did this collection. Delicate fabrics and velvet texture are choice of sensual approach towards woman. Her senses and her softness when being nude. Intricate fabrics and their combination represent planned and well ordered shelves of objects in cabinet of curiousity while insects showing centuries old mystery of admiration in this collection.

Here were prints of fishbones, butterflies and bugs born. Celebrating ‘’mon jardin secret’’ and our own cabinets of secret and personal admirations.