Open Days

You are invited to our 2019-2020 “Fashion Design and Creation Undergraduate Education” open days!

Open Days

On this day you can visit our academy, receive information about our program, attend the our presentation and workshops by our director and lecturers. Afterwards, you can also attend to our tour of Vakko Fashion Center at Nakkastepe.

* With the participation of our ESMOD International Director Christine W. Bonini

January 2020

11:00 – 12:30


Vakko Esmod Academy General Director
and Vakko Corporate Training Director
Çiğdem Mete

Vakko Esmod Fashion Design Instructor
and Pedagogical Responsible
Dominique Boillot

Vakko Esmod Pattern Making Instructor
Jasmina Benferhat

Guest Student Days

January 2020, saat 9.30-16.30

You can join our classes during these dates, observe the students working and class atmosphere.

In order to attend to our open days, please RSVP using our contact form or e-mail address.

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