Open Days

You are invited to our 2019-2020 “Fashion Design and Creation Undergraduate Education” open days!

Open Days

2020 Class Organisation
(9:30 – 16:30)
Q&A Days at the Oditorium
(11:00 – 13:00)
Evaluation Days
(10:00 – 12:00, 14:00 – 16:00)
March 2nd March 2020 Monday 27th March 2020 Friday 11th March 2020 Wednesday
18th March 2020 Wednesday
April 6th April 2020 Monday 24th April 2020 Friday 8th April 2020 Wednesday
15th April 2020 Wednesday
May 4th May 2020 Monday 22nd May 2020 Friday 6th May 2020 Wednesday
13th May 2020 Wednesday
June 8th June 2020 Monday Q&A Days at the Meeting Room 10th June 2020 Wednesday
July 9th July Thursday
24th July Thursday
8th July 2020 Wednesday
22nd July 2020 Wednesday
August 12th August Wednesday
20th August Thursday
26th August Wednesday
12th August 2020 Wednesday
19th August 2020 Wednesday
September 3rd September Thursday
10th September Thursday
18th September Friday
24th September Thursday
2nd September 2020 Wednesday
9th September 2020 Wednesday
16th September 2020 Wednesday
23th September 2020 Wednesday
30th September 2020 Wednesday

Class Organisation: You can meet our instructors and students in each class and review our student works for each year.

Q&A Days: With the participation of our General Academic Director and trainers, you can join our presentation in our Auditorium.

Evaluation Days: You can fill out our evaluation form and have an interview to start your application process.

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