5 Weeks
30 Hours

Monday and Wednesday
19:00 – 22:00

Program Fee
2.250 TL

Starting / Ending Date
5 October 2020
4 November 2020

Within the scope of this program suitable for beginners, you will learn the differences of use of pixel-based photoshop and vector-based illustrator programs that students will use in the field of Fashion Design, prepare artistic and technical drawings in digital environment, and create professional technical drawing sheets for the industry.

Program Content

Introduction to Photoshop – What is Pixel?
Create new document, Open Photo in New Document, Bars, Selections, etc.)

How to Create a Moodboard with Images?
Moving, Cutting, Rotating, Reflecting, Changing the Colors of Images, Writing, Options and Coloring, Collage Workout

Tool Bar
Brushes, Selection Tools, Effects, etc.

Collage Exercises For Silhouette
Working For Runway Photos

How to Dress Up a Texture?
How To Give Color And Shadow To The Silhouette?

Photoshop Project
Moodboard And Colorized Silhouette

Introduction to Illustrator
What is a Vector? Creating New Documents, Opening Photo in New Document, Bars, SelectionsÔÇŽ Etc

Selection Tools
Direct Selection Tool, Simple Pen Tool, Different Selection Tools, etc …
Basic Skirt Drawing

Working With Drawings And Writings
Moving, Cutting, Rotating, Mirroring

How to Make a Technical Drawing?
Pencil Tool, Other Tools Used For Drawing, Scissors, .. Etc.

How to Create a Pattern in Illustrator?
Sample Pattern Study

Brushes And Effects
Different Brush Techniques, Shadows

Application conditions: It is suitable for anyone who has not received photoshop and illustrator training before.
Materials: Each student must come to the lesson with their laptop by installing Photoshop and Illustrator Programs.


Ece ├çavu┼čo─člu
Ece graduated from Vakko Esmod Fashion Academy Fashion Design and Creation Diploma Program with special jury award. She has several awards in the sector during student education by cooperation with major brands. She worked at Common Leisure Brand and Elle magazine.

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