8 Weeks
24 Hours

Every Saturday
14:00 – 17:00

Program Fee
2.350 TL

Starting / Ending Date
6 February 2021
27 March 2021

About the Program

The program is designed to recruit competent people in the fields of Brand Management, Brand Communication and Public Relations, which are the most important positions in today’s retail sector. It aims to provide brand management, marketing and communication competence to those who work or want to work in the field of fashion retailing.

Program Content

  • Fashion World and Branding Process
  • What is Brand? Introduction, Power of Fashion Brands
  • What is a Luxury Brand? The Power and Position of Luxury Brands Fashion Retail World / History
  • Creating Brand Identity And Spirit
  • Brand Positioning And Image
  • Brand Cases And Stories: Sustainability Instagram Fashion Brand Positioning
  • Celebrity Use in Brands
  • Create Your Own Brand
  • The Power Of Marketing And Communication
  • Brand Recognition- Brand Structure and Consumer Analysis
  • Determining the target audience and means of communication
  • Marketing Language and Communication Plan
  • Marketing and Communication Budgeting
  • Online and Offline Marketing Approaches
  • PR and Communication Techniques (Celebrity And Brand Collaborations) Brand Communication / Press Release /
  • Media Relations and Guerilla Marketing Techniques
  • Contemporary Media, Digital Media and Social Media Management
  • Revolution in Fashion Brands: Rules of the New World


Metin G├╝rsoy

Metin G├╝rsoy, graduated from Bogazici University, is known as doyen of Fashion and Luxury Branding in Turkey. Since 2009, he has been serving as the Communication Director for Hermes in Turkey under the title of Marketing, Public Relations and Media Procurement. His own company, METINGURSOY PR & MARKETING, was established in 2003 and operates in the field of Public Relations, Marketing and Brand Consulting. In the early years of its establishment, many well-known Turkish fashion designers such as Arzu Kaprol, ESAS-Swiss Men’s Clothing Company and Kenzo Brands were presented in his customer portfolio. ┬áAs of 2004, he has been serving to Apple and Absolut brands as well. He launched many more brands in Turkey during his career. Over following years, the international restaurant chain Sushico and the retail chain Bun Design Company has joined to his portfolio. In the same years, he worked with many Turkish companies such as BNG, Saydam Textile, Yazbukey, Bossa and TooHot.┬á Companies like Profilo, Decorum, Fast Gym, Istanbul Mine Exporters Association (IMIB), Borusan Oto and Davidoff ┬á┬áhave been added to the customer portfolio about Corporate Communications. He had worked for Turkish jewelry brand Gilan and Turkish ready to wear clothing brand Gizia. Metin G├╝rsoy and his team serve to the leading brands of industry with 360 degree Marketing, Communication and Public Relations. These services include Brand Positioning, Underline and Above Advertising Services, Public Relations, Organization Management, Media Purchasing, Visual Editing, Guerilla Marketing and Social Media services. He also works as a journalist, writes articles about Turkey for foreign editions such as Guardian, Paris Match, ELLE and DN Sweden in Turkey.

Detailed info; www.metingursoy.com

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