Shadow and Light

Anita Anwari

Sharp edges, volumous silhouette, and geometric shapes come together to form a connection between two opposite entities; shadow and light.
They’re powerful when they’re together, and sharply refined when they touch.
The barrier between them slowly begins to break.

Once they’ve embraced each other, a new perspective is born.
They’ve completed and perfected each other by giving up a part of themselves.
They’re now an unstoppable duo, a powerful energy that roams around in every corner of life.

From the patterns to the colors, this collection brings together two different entities to produce geometric garments with clean and elegant finishings. This collection is for bold young woman who don’t fear to make a difference in the world. The garments are inspired by structural buildings that have light and darkness around each corner. And the careful hand stitchings add beauty to the clean cuts of each garments.