Into The Dream

Nazlıcan Koray

The starting point for Nazlıcan’s collection was multimedia artist Tony Oursler’s artwork regarding schizophrenia. The way he combined horror together with humor was what Nazlıcan was most impressed about. She later decided to blend this theme together with the concept of a dream. The stage of sleep in which we dream is called the Rapid eye movement (REM). In dreams our eyes move rapidly and activate brain waves. Nazlı claims that she has seen the effects of the subconscious and has been listening to the same song while creating her theme. The song is called Griefjoy-Into the Dream; what mostly impressed Nazlı was how the softness of the music resembles brain waves (her creations). Nazlı has created a mainly entertaining yet horrifying theme by emulating the horryfing sounds with the faces created by the artist.