Glossy Garden — Simge Nizam

Simge’s collection is a creative encounter of an exuberant nature and the lights of the city. She has applied gradations of greens and blues. The collection furthermore includes prints of street art, murals and grafitti.

Second Life — Hilal Tukay

The starting point is sculptor Paige Bradley’s artwork called “Expansion.” It represents the notion that even if something broken and separated into pieces, it shows differentiation and expansion when put together.

The Silk Road — Sümeyye Kadı

The collection is based on the modernization of Russian fiction character Anna Karenina’s feminin, romantic and chique style, becoming more wearable. Sümeyye was inspired by the Arab culture and Anna Karenina costumes together with the traditional abaya.

After Darkness — Sümeyye Döz

The idea behind Sumeyye’s collection originates from the damages that the human population causes on nature, animals and all living beings in return for energy, power and greed. The collection furthermore reflects the damages caused by radiation on nature and the environment.

Into The Dream — Nazlıcan Koray

The starting point for Nazlıcan’s collection was multimedia artist Tony Oursler’s artwork regarding schizophrenia. The way he combined horror together with humor was what Nazlıcan was most impressed about.

An Endless Wave — Aya Hammoud

The idea behind the collection came from waves and movement inspiration in the color white. Aya chose white because it is the color of life and new beginnings. It is pure and has a spiritual feeling.

Unicorn’s Funfair — Elif Demirdizen

Elif’s theme was a funfair with a unicorn theme. Her starting point was that she felt the same way as designing her collection as she felt when in a funfair. The reason why she chose the unicorn is because its legendary attributes cleared up the limitations of her imagination.