Chess – Mevsim ├ľzer

My starting point is the philosophical relationship between life and chess. I believe this game is a short simulation of human life.

Simple Comfortable and Modern – Nisanur Akta┼č

The similarity between earth tones and human skin is fascinating. We are in great cooperation with nature and we are officially like a whole. We came from him and we return to him. Without earth, we do not exist. We come to life with it.

Vibrations – Nurg├╝l Oldu

Vibrations occur in the steps we take in our daily life and in our communication with people, so I created a daily collection based on this vibration.

Komorebi – Rukhsary Musaeva

I have always go where my creativity takes me.
For my diploma collection, I knew that I want to experiment on my clothes.
My goal was to do a collection personal as possible sof rom the start till the end of my collection itÔÇÖs a big ÔÇśself puzzleÔÇÖ research both my self and my taste.

Men’s Journey – Emrah ├çubukc╠žu

The exit point of my collection was the films that IÔÇÖve watched and events that have impressed me. Fully created in my own universe, the Man who is trying to survive on this tough planet. In this planet, he has to adapt and protect himself. Most importantly, he has to have clothes that can protect him.

LEBENSFRIES – Atakan Apayd─▒n

The main idea behind my products is Lebensfries which is based on expressionism. Lebensfries, touching on both negative and positive aspects of life, lets me concentrate on emotions.

Glitch in the Matrix – Aya H├╝ssein El Kabir

Glitch in the matrix, The feeling of having already experienced the present situation which cannot be easily explained. That moment just feels like a never ending circle and It happens in just a second but it leaves a mind-touch for a while thinking ÔÇťwhy?ÔÇŁ Or maybe it happened coincidentally! but ÔÇťnothing happens for no reasonÔÇŁ.

Pars Dynasty – Emad Salimi

My theme was about empire of persia, it was base on the  pars dynasty back in 2500 years ago.

Twin Flames / Mirror Souls – Melissa Begu╠łm Tuna

According to an ancient myth, if a soul has been broken, it can divide into two parts and go into different bodies during its reincarnation. These people who carry different parts of the same soul are named as ÔÇťmirror soulsÔÇŁ or more commonly ÔÇťtwin flamesÔÇŁ.

Reborn – Merve Canpolat

Reborn may have a tragedic, mysterious and dark soul, but I think it's also nurturing. Usually the symptoms of this event can be a birthmark or scar and have a very different unknown. I want to be inspired by powerful women in history, it was much more difficult for women to stay strong at that time, and they succeeded despite the difficulties, and those women laid the foundation for today.

Artemis – Mohammedreza Aghahossein

Artemis is the Greek goddess of the hunt, wilderness, moon and archery. She is the twin sister of the god Apollo and one of the Twelve Olympian gods who live on Mount Olympus.

Urban – Nadir Su╠łleymanov

In my 21/22 winter collection, I worked on men's wear. This collection is for men who are free, self- confident and tasteful living in modern cities.

Sacred Breath – Noura El Fehaid

Fall/ winter womenÔÇÖs wear collection, inspired by artistic aspects of sacred geometry and dazzling elements of Islamic geometry.

Rorschach- Selin C╠žerenc╠že

Rorschach is an ink test used in psychology and helps to explore people's psychology and subconscious.

Holy Grail- Zeynep ├ľzyurt

The holy grail neath ancient roslin waits. The blade and chalice guarding o’er her gates. Adorned in masters loving art, she lies. She rests at last beneath the starry skies.

Uncanny- Zeynep Zekio─člu

Actually, everything started with my desire to shoot a fashion film. With that intention, my interest in surrealism photography started when I discovered Francesca Woodman, so the starting point of my collection is surrealism photography.