7 Days

Every weekday
14:00 – 17:00

21 hours

Starting / Ending Date
July 2020

About the Program

This program introduces people who want to pursue a career in the fashion industry to other occupations other than fashion design and makes it easier for them to plan for the future. We will introduce us to the bright and popular world of fashion consultancy, the fastest developing field of fashion, celebrities, television shows and commercials, and we will be partnering with workshops in the fast and fun preparation stages. The style counseling program, which includes both fun and practical information for anyone who wants to know more about fashion, will guide those who want to pursue a career in fashion.

Program Tuition: 1.500 TL

Program Content

At the end of the course, the participants will be able to:

  • Introduction: Recognition of the Style Counseling Profession
  • Introduction: Identifying Sector Components
  • Correct Communication within the Sector
  • Mood Determination, Research Techniques
  • Trends for Personal Styling
  • How to Reach Resources
  • Leading Personal Stylist And in the world and Turkey
  • Important Customers
  • Accurate Recognition and Evaluation Methods
  • Red Carpet Styling
  • TV and Film Styling
  • Shopping Styling
  • Wardrobe Styling
  • Fashion Show Styling
  • Advertisement Styling
  • How to Create the Right Look, What to Consider
  • Communication with Brands, Stores and Designers
  • Coordination between Teams
  • Understanding Body Types and Skin Colors
  • Men’s Styling
  • Showroom Visit
  • Applied Workshop


Yasemin Eke
Yasemin Eke completed her Business Administration education in 2009. After her education, she worked as a style consultant for various advertisement, campaign and magazine shootings. At the same time, she was the Fashion Editor of ‘luxury shopping’ Shopi Go. From 2013 to careers, Turkey’s first fashion PR roomer’s Fashion Director of the showroom and continued in several television series and Style Advisor of the leading names in the industry. Yasemin Eke, who founded her own styling office RACK in 2015, writes style and fashion articles for various magazines.

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