5 Days

Every weekday
10:00 – 17:00

30 hours

Starting / Ending Date
July 2020

Program Content

As a stylist you will develop your sense of fashion in an Italian taste. While you get a deep and general perspective on the world men’s fashion, you will recognize the men’s fashion icons that have a say in the world men’s fashion platform with their identities. Different body shapes, different faces, colors, dress codes, different environments; You will always have the information you need to keep in mind in order to become a good style consultant by covering topics such as work, daily, weekend or invitation. Timeless and up-to-date, in accordance with trends in the light of men’s clothing style information; You will gain the ability to wear appropriate clothes according to the appropriate time, place and situation. In the meantime, you will find and discover your own personal style. You’ll get the basics and technical information you need to create stories or look for a shoot of a textile brand’s advertising campaign, an e-commerce site, a fashion shoot of a magazine, your own personal instagram account or a trademark. You will gain the basic rules of styling counseling for celebrities or those who want to have style, customer-specific style and wardrobe preparation experience. Italian, British and American suit culture which are the three different cultures that direct the world men’s fashion will be given. Under this topic, you will learn and experience the correct use of complementary parts such as shirts, ties, handkerchiefs and bow ties.

Program Tuition: 1.500 TL

Program Content

  • Men’s fashion history from past to present, setting trends, creating trends
  • Styling basic and technical information, mood board creation
  • Men’s personal shopping- style consulting
  • Creating a brand story and look
  • Editorial, E-commerce or online, still life shootings for story and look creation, styling
  • Costume style consultancy in TV series and movies
  • 3 countries and 3 different cultures that have a say in men’s fashion Italian, British and American fashion style and clothing codes correctly use complementary parts and accessories such as shirts, ties, bow ties


Fulya Güngör
Fulya Güngör graduated from Marmara University, Faculty of Communication, Department of Journalism. She worked as a Fashion Editor at Elele Magazine between 1994-2006. Between 2006-2007, she became the Fashion Director of Instyle Magazine. Then, worked as a Men’s Style Consultant in Damat Tween brand and Marketing Communications Manager for the Chakra brand. She has been working as a Fashion Editor, Styling and Creative Consultant since 2007.

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