6 Weeks
36 Hours

Every Tuesday & Thursday
19:00 – 21:00

Program Fee
3.250 TL

Starting / Ending Date
23 June 2020
30 July 2020

Program Content

  • Fashion history and the historical development of the bag in fashion / Sahire Tuncer / 23 June
  • Bag models and Bag Technical information / Sahire Tuncer / 25 June
  • Material and accessory lesson; knowing leather and accessories / Sahire Tuncer / 30 June
  • Small leather accessory; Wallet handmade workshop / Kübra Kula Akdağ / 2 July
  • Bag drawing initial training / Sahire Tuncer / 07 July
  • Small leather accessory; bracelet handmade workshop / Kübra Kula Akdağ / 09 July
  • Bag drawing initial training 2 / Sahire Tuncer / 14 July
  • Bag model making start workshop / Kübra Kula Akdağ / 16 July
  • Bag drawing – coloring 1 / Sahire Tuncer / 21 July
  • Craft Leather Bag handmade workshop / Kübra Kula Akdağ / 23 July
  • Craft Leather Bag handmade workshop / Kübra Kula Akdağ / 28 July
  • Craft Leather Bag handmade workshop final / Kübra Kula Akdağ / Sahire Tuncer / 30 July

Application Requirements: It is suitable for anyone who does not have previous design education and experience.


Sahire Tuncer
“Sahire Tuncer“ design brand; was established as a boutique shoe and bag brand. All of her collections are handmade and the materials she chooses in her collections are; real leather, organic materials and special metal accessories; combines with heavy handmade craftsmanship. In her designs, she carries original printing techniques, different processing styles and different texture uses to her collections. designer who graduated from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, in Italy in 2006, the Istituto Europeo di Design ‘in Shoes And Bags Design master has produced many successful brands of shoes and bags collections in Turkey after receiving training. She is currently preparing leather bags and shoes collections for her own brand “Sahire Tuncer“ and is sold in some small boutiques in Europe and America. She is also actively working as a designer at Elle Ayakkabı.

Kübra Kula Akdağ (Workshop and Practice Trainer)
She have been working as designer – manufacturer for 9 years at GRUP CANTA and AKSESUAR SAN TİC AŞ, which have been producing for corporate companies in the saddlery sector. Sühe is responsible for the small leather goods department. Leather jewelry, key holder, mini wallet, leather bag handle, etc. Kübra prepared collections from many domestic brands (HOTİÇ, İNCİ, DİVARESE, ELLE, NETWORK, QUE, TANCA ..) and made high orders. She has a passion for handling the whole design and production process and mastering every detail. She still works in the industry. On the one hand, has started her own branding process under the name of KKA. For now, it sells in design boutiques and online platforms.

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