Swimwear and Underwear Design

Education Time
12 Weeks
48 Hours

Every saturday
10:00 – 14:00

Program Fee
4.250 TL

Starting / Ending Date
4 April 2019
4 July 2020

Program Content

  • The place and history of underwear in the fashion industry
  • Fashion branding and its importance
  • World brands branded in underwear
  • Underwear terminology
  • Examination of underwear product groups-BRA Importance, function and types of bras for health
  • Technical information about the patterns and functions of different bra models that stand out in the world
  • Lingerie collection theme selection
  • Usage and functions of materials used in underwear
  • What is the “CUP SIZE” system used to choose the right bra in the world? How to apply
  • Underwear collection Moodboard preparation and technical drawing work
  • Examination of underwear product groups-PANTY Panty models and terminology in different patterns
  • Mini underwear collection technical drawing studies
  • Examination of underwear product groups-CORSET The importance of corset, usage places and function
  • Examination of corset types
  • Underwear technical and artistic drawing studies
  • Examining underwear product groups-BUSTIER What is a bustier? Different bustier models
  • Underwear Artistic and Technical Drawing Studies
  • Completing the technical and artistic drawings of the underwear collection
  • Swimwear history in the fashion industry and examples of swimwear brands and swimwear models that stand out in the world
  • Informing about swimwear and underwear trends in the world, trend tracking, trend sites, trend books and fairs
  • Examination of Mayo product groups
  • Mayo terminology
  • Selection of swimsuit patterns according to different body types
  • Mayo collection theme selection and preparations
  • The importance of the pattern in the swimwear industry
  • Examples of swimwear patterns in different themes
  • Information about swimwear pattern designers
  • Idea development and theme selection for swimwear pattern design
  • Swimwear fabric features and technical knowledge
  • Information about different swimsuit printing techniques
  • Swimsuit pattern drawing work
  • Drawing of swimsuit pattern and coloring of the pattern
  • Swimsuit collection technical drawing
  • Mayo technical and artistic drawing work
  • Application of the swimsuit pattern to the drawing
  • Swimsuit collection artistic drawing works
  • Collage work for the swimsuit collection
  • Completing the drawing studies


Banu Göksu
Banu Göksu, a graduate of Italian High School, studied Fashion Marketing and Design at the American College in 1994-1998 in London. She started his career in 1997 as a Design Assistant at Altınyıldız. She worked as a designer for swimwear and body collection in Zeki Triko between 1998-2000. Between 2000-2016, she worked as Designer and Product Manager for Men’s Underwear and swimwear, Women’s Underwear and swimwear products at KOM AŞ. Banu founded BEK Tekstil, a men’s underwear brand in 2017, and currently provides training on Fashion, Branding & Marketing at Universities.

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