Shoe Design and Production

Education Time
30 Weeks
120 Hours

Every saturday
12:00 – 16:00

Program Fee
8.000 TL

Starting / Ending Date
26 October 2019
16 May 2020

Open Day: Saturday, September 21st between 12.00-13.30

Program Content

Shoe History: Turkey’s shoes, forms of life, sociology, history of the world according to climatic conditions shoe

Fashion History: Fashion History, iconic fashion brands and trendsetters. Fashion shoes and accessories. Choosing shoes and accessories for fashion trends. Shoes and accessories fashion today

Shoe Design: Examination of Shoe Designer. Examining the collections of old and new era shoe designers

Foot Anatomy: Foot Anatomy, pressing, weight control, centers of gravity changing according to movement. Orthopedics. Orthopedic shoes. Foot and mold knowledge. Foot disorders based on typographical errors. Healthy shoe use

Material Information: Recognition of the main and auxiliary materials used in footwear, structure and production of materials

Shoe Production Technology: Shoe production technology, production planning, transition from stamp to product, machinery and equipment used, conversion of original designs to products

Shoe Standards: Information about shoe standards

Shoe Production Information: Hand production and assembly. Fabricated production. Production machines and tools

Material Knowledge: Leather knowledge, leather types, leather recognition, processing, leather pattern, texture, processing, dyeing, printing techniques. Artificial leather, fabric material, nano technological smart materials

Leather Production Technology: General description of leather technology, leather processing steps; wetting, liming, descaling, sama, degreasing, pickling, chrome sepi, neutralization, lubrication, drying, preparation for finishing and finishing

Shoe Accessories Information: Shoe accessories, buckles, capsules, laces, stone, metal, plastic, handmade, injection accessories

Starting Shoe Design: Drawing Techniques, Shoe Pattern Drawing, Proportion Ratio

Introduction to Shoe Design II: Shading and Coloring. Light shade work to give dimension. Different painting techniques

Footwear Design Sketches: Transition to the first sketch drawings. Examination of shoe models

Trend Research: What is Trend? How are trends determined? World-famous trendsetter. 2020 Trend Analysis. Trend Presentation.

Concept Development: In the light of the researches, each trainee creates their own design concepts.

Material Trip: Excursion to different manufacturers for material research within the scope of the identified topics

Determination of the subject – Creating a Collection: Clarifying the designs, creating a collection consisting of 4 seasons of 10 pieces; Sandals, Flats, Espadril, Casual, Sports, Gova, Boots, Boots

Computer aided drawing techniques: Drawing and painting designs in computer environment

Creating Collection II: Coloring of designs, material selection

Preparing Moodboards: Forming the boards of the designs to be made according to the determined subject

Introduction to Stamping: Mold banding, profiling, mold inner and outer banding, Gova and Molyer model shoe removal

Istampa I: Basic Istampa course with model master

Stamp II: Extraction of model stamp according to model

Stamp III: Stamping selected models from the collection

Soles: Soles, natural soles, leather (definition production and differentiation), synthetic soles (PU, PVC, EVA, Neolite etc.), monolithic soles, heels, heel cover, base fillings, material types, varola, cabin reinforcement (steel, plastic, wood), nails (types, sizes, places of use), adhesives, cleaners, finishing materials, waxes, varnishes, surface sprays, definition and types of paints, recent developments in materials, material tests

Brand Building I: Logo design, web site organization, corporate identity creation, brand image creation, formation processes for collection creation

Brand Building II: Creating a brand identity for each student’s own collection

Material and Accessory Trip I: Material trip to Eminönü and Beyazıt. Accessory and leather samples, material data collection

Workshop I: Investigation of shoe production in workshop environment. Cutting out the stamps

Presentation Packaging: Presentation techniques, box, packaging, brand work

Workshop II: Cutting and sewing of stamped models by craftsmen in workshop environment

Sole Design: Shoe sole relationship, functional properties of the sole, reflection of technology to shoe, sole types and properties according to production type and material, points to be considered according to material type in design, sole design over an existing sole, creation of base project with original design, through internal mold base design with cladding method, expression techniques in design, stamping process technical drawing, visual expression techniques, transfer of design to production, model techniques and general information on CadCam, general information on mold and base production techniques

Portfolio I: What is Portfolio? How is it prepared?

Portfolio II: Organizing the resulting collection

Workshop III: Assembling of sewed shoes.

Shoe Finishing: Finishing, recognition of leather, structure of leather, leather types, finishing products, general structure of finishing, heel, edge, piano, sole dyeing, Italian finishing, finishing applications according to leather types, problems encountered before and after finishing and solutions

Workshop IV: Completing the assembly deficiencies and cleaning the resulting shoes.

Portfolio III: Portfolio final work.

Final: Final evaluation and determination of the first three projects


Application Conditions: Suitable for anyone who has no previous design knowledge or experience.


Main Instructor: Pınar Arkun
She graduated from İzmir Dokuz Eylül University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Fashion Accessory Design in 2004. The designer won the first prize in the women’s category in the 4th National Original Shoe Competition in 2003. She established her own brand in 2009 and prepares personal shoe design and seasonal collections under this brand name. Since then, she has designed shoes for 9 fashion shows within the scope of Istanbul Fashion Week. Since 2014, she has been working as a brand consultant for various shoe companies. Starting from 2014, she has been preparing special collections for Vakko Wedding for 2 seasons. In 2015, she established a second shoe and bag brand named ‘Sold‘ günlük for daily use. She is currently working as the Product Development Manager of Private Brands of Boyner Holding.

Technical and Production Process Consultant & Trainer: Özkan Aslan
Özkan Aslan’s entry into the shoemaking sector began in 2010 at Hamle 1Ashoe company. Afterwards,he worked at Hes Ay Ayakkabı San. as Collection Design Responsible. Between 2017-2018, worked as Collection Design Responsible at Caracian. Between 2018-2019, worked in Entaş Erdem Aş as Collection Design Responsible.

Digital Education, Portfolio and Brand Building Instructor: Aysun Pelvan Dönmez
She graduated from Marmara University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Graphic Arts with first degree and completed her master’s degree in the same department. Ya-Pa Publications won the first prize in the Children’s Book Painting Competition between Universities and received a certificate of achievement in the Children’s Book Illustration Contest of the Ministry of Culture with its children’s book written and illustrated by itself. Graphic Designers Professional Organization (GMK) exhibitions; Thinkbender brand for corporate identity and İKSV İstanbul Biennial for book design. She participated in various group exhibitions in the fields of printmaking and graphic design. She taught at Yeditepe University Graphic Design Department and worked as an art director in various agencies and design offices. She continues her works in the fields of graphic design, publishing and advertising in her own design office.

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