11 Weeks
55 Hours

Every Saturday
11:00 – 16:00

Program Fee
5.000 TL

Starting / Ending Date
24 October 2020
2 January 2021

Online Open Days: 7th of October Wednesday – 18.00

About the Program

Within the scope of the program that will start with traditional bag brands and their stories; In this training, where you can see how to design a bag collection in line with trends, recognize leather and materials and production techniques, all participants will have their own bag models and portfolios.

Program Content

1. WEEK ONLINE COURSE OCTOBER 17, 2020 11: 00/16: 00

Fashion History / World famous fashion brands, traditional Italian and French bag brands and their stories 2 HOURS

Introduction to bag and accessory models, understanding their departments / terminology lesson 3 HOURS

2nd WEEK CLASSROOM LESSON, 24 OCTOBER 2020 11: 00/16: 00

BAG DRAWING TECHNIQUES I: Basic drawing techniques 1: 3 HOURS

MATERIAL COURSE: Leather knowledge / types / recognizing leather, processing / pattern / texture / printing techniques, Recognizing metal accessories and auxiliary materials used in bags 2 HOUR

3. WEEK ONLINE COURSE, 31 OCTOBER 2020 11: 00/16: 00

TREND PRESENTATION: What is trend, how are trends determined / 202-22 trend presentation / color concept 2 HOURS

MOODBOARD I: What is Moodboard, what does it do, concept preparation 3 HOURS

4th WEEK CLASSROOM LESSON 07 NOVEMBER 2020 11: 00/16: 00

DRAWING TECHNIQUES II: BAG DRAWING I: Artistic drawing and technical drawing 5 HOURS

WEEK 5 WORKSHOP LESSON 14 NOVEMBER 2020 10: 00/15: 00

ATOLYE I: Recognizing the production and model making processes in the workshop; leather selection, cutting, sewing, assembly and dyeing techniques

WEEK 6 ONLINE COURSE, NOVEMBER 21, 2020 11: 00/16: 00

MOODBOARD II: Online Applied preparation 3 HOURS

PORTFOLIO PREPARATION I: Content information such as Moodboard, Pen portrait, collection story and portfolio preparation techniques 2 HOURS

7th WEEK CLASSROOM LESSON 28 NOVEMBER 2020 11: 00/16: 00

COLLECTION I: The drawing and coloring of 5 models to be included in the collection and the selection of the model to be implemented 3 HOURS

COLLECTION II: Artistic coloring; coloring with marker 2 HOURS

WEEK 8 WORKSHOP LESSON 05 DECEMBER 2020 10: 00/15: 00

WORKSHOP II: Bag Prototype making I: 5 HOURS for each student to make their own model

WEEK 9 WORKSHOP LESSON, DECEMBER 12, 2020 10: 00/15: 00

WORKSHOP III: Bag Prototype Making II 5 HOURS

ONLINE COURSE: Portfolio Control: 13 DECEMBER 2020 10: 00/12: 00 2 HOURS

10th WEEK WORKSHOP LESSON 19 DECEMBER 2020 10: 00/15: 00

WORKSHOP IV: Bag Prototype final


FINAL PRESENTATION: Each student will make a collection and prototype presentation.

Application requirements: It is suitable for anyone with no previous design education or experience.


Sahire Tuncer
“Sahire Tuncer“ design brand; was established as a boutique shoe and bag brand. All of her collections are handmade and the materials she chooses in her collections are; real leather, organic materials and special metal accessories; combines with heavy handmade craftsmanship. In her designs, she carries original printing techniques, different processing styles and different texture uses to her collections. designer who graduated from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, in Italy in 2006, the Istituto Europeo di Design ‘in Shoes And Bags Design master has produced many successful brands of shoes and bags collections in Turkey after receiving training. She is currently preparing leather bags and shoes collections for her own brand “Sahire Tuncer“ and is sold in some small boutiques in Europe and America. She is also actively working as a designer at Elle Ayakkabı.

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