9 Months, 30 Weeks, 256 Hours

Every Saturday
Fashion Design: 9:30 – 13:30
Pattern Making: 14:30 – 18:30

120 hours Fashion Design
120 hours Pattern Making
10 hours Illustrator
6 hours Photoshop

Starting / Ending Date
January 2020

We will not have class schedule on 22-28 December 2019, 4 January, 15-22 February, 11-18 April, 23-30 May 2020

Open Day: 19 July Friday, 11.00 – 16.00

About the Program

The curriculum of this accelerated nine months program is planned by Esmod Paris and has international recognition. It is a preparatory program to the Esmod Fashion Design and Creation Diploma program and concentrates on Fashion Design and Pattern making. Participants will create skirt and body models in Pattern making using flat pattern & draping techniques together with professional sewing techniques. Moreover, participants will learn how to create illustrations and flat drawings in Fashion Design, learning how to use İllustrator and Photoshop programs for flat drawings. Both of the instructors in Fashion Design and Pattern making are experienced international Esmod graduates who have been in the industry for many years.

Program Tuition

Fashion Design
8.500 TL

Pattern Making
8.500 TL

Fashion Design + Pattern Making
14.000 TL

Program Content

  • Robot Drawing In A4 Size
  • Transformation Of Robotic Figurine- Straight Static Posture
  • Coloring Techniques
  • Face Drawing
  • Hand Drawing
  • Coloring And Shadowing – Transition İnto Grey Tones And Among Different Colors
  • Technical Exercises For The Student To Be More Proficient İn Coloring
  • Figurine Drawing in A3 Size
  • Skirt Model Research
  • Skirt Model History
  • Skirt Model Analysis
  • Exercises Related To Fludity Of Fabrics Used İn Skirt Models
  • Technical Drawing Of Skirt Models
  • Straight Pencil Skirt
  • Technical Drawing Of 2 Different Skirt Models- Front And Skirt Drawing- Backside
  • Drawing Of A Skirt Model Onto The Figurine
  • Skirt And Top Drawing
  • Research Of Different Tops Model Alternatives That Matches The Skirt
    Coloring Exercises With Different Techniques On Skirt
  • Presentation Of Fabrics That Will Be Placed On The Portfolio
  • Shirt Model Drawing
  • Shirt Model Base- Collor- Cuff- Sleeve Exercises
  • Personal Photography Of Shirt And Then Transformation Of İt İnto Technical Drawing
  • Coloring And Application Of The Shirt Model Onto The Figurine After The Techical Drawing
  • Presentation Of The Fabrics To Be Displayed İn The Portfolio
  • Application Of Different Unique Techniques That Empowers Creation- Collage, Different Coloring Techniques
  • Stright Skirt
    • Construction & Pattern Drafting
    • Sewing Of The Straight Skirt In Calico
    • Pattern Correction
    • Realisation Of The Straight In Fabric
  • Skirt Variations
    • Transformation Of The Skirt Base
    • Enlargements
    • Dart Manipulations
    • Construction &Pattern Of A Flared Skirt With Yoke
    • Sewing In Calico
    • Pattern Correction
    • Realisation Of The Flared Skirt In Fabric
  • Bodice Base Foundation
  • Different Studies Of Shirt Variations
    • Transformation Of The Bodice Base
    • Enlargements
    • Dart Manipulations
    • Sleeve Constructions
    • Collar Constructions
    • Sewing In Calico
    • Corrections
    • Realisation Of A Shirt In Fabric
  • Introduction Of Draping Techniques
    • Dress Draping
    • Enlargements
    • Dart Manipulations
    • Collar
    • Sleeve
    • Swing Of The Dress In Calico
    • Correction
    • Realisation Of The Dress In Fabric


Müjde Şekerözü – Fashion Design
Müjde Şekerözü has graduated from Galatasaray Lisesi Istanbul in 1988. In the years 1998-1990 she has studied Fashion Design and Business at Parsons School of Design New York. From 1990-1993 she has studied Fashion Design Womens Ready-to-Wear at ESMOD Paris and graduated as first in her field. Since 1993 she has been working at various companies in the Fashion and Ready-to-wear industry as Head designer and Creative director. Some of these companies are ATT (Turkmen Holding ) for EU Customers, Spain -Inditex / French Customers , France at TUREKS / Paris & Istanbul ( March 2013 – January 2017 ), Turkish Export Factories / Istanbul –Paris ( 2001 – 2010 ), Partner of Sourcing Company MS / Hong Kong, (50 000 Pcs of Knitwear Production in China) ( 2001 – 2002 ), CONFETTI Textile / Istanbul ( 2000 – 2001 ), CAAN Textile /Istanbul ( 1998 – 2000 ), Aprido / Istanbul ( 1995 – 1998 ), JPG / Paris ( 1993 – 1995 ). She speaks fluent French, English and Turkish and intermediate level Spanish.

Jasmina Benferhat – Pattern Making
Jasmina Benferhat is an Esmod Paris alumna. She has been Pattern Making Instructor at Esmod Munich, Esmod Jakarta and Esmod Berlin for 26 years. In the academic year 2018-2019 she is lecturer at the Universität der Künste Berlin. Since 1998, she has been developing Freelance products for various brands in Berlin such as Bernadett Penkov, Sisi Wasabi, Frida Weyer, Frida Weyer for Meissen Couture, C’est tout and Maisonnée. Being guest lecturer for draping courses at SAADA University in Shanghai in 2011, Benferhat has taken part in various projects from Berlin to Nairobi. In the “African Designers for Tomorrow” project in 2015 in Nairobi, Benferhat has individually counselled participants in preparing designs, cutting and developing details. Throughout her coaching as Pattern Making instructor at Esmod Berlin, Benferhat has taken part in various projects such as “Beyond Seeing” in collaboration with Goethe Institut. German and French being her native languages, she additionally speaks English and Arabic.

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